Dave Scott is the creator and host of Spaced Out Radio, Monday through Friday nights. A former radio journalist, Dave graduated with a diploma in Broadcast Communications from one of Canada’s top Broadcasting Schools in 1998. Dave then spent 10 years in radio, mostly working in sports, before leaving the field to pursue other interests.

Dave started Spaced Out Radio with the support and urging of friend, Jonny Enoch in November 2014. The creation of Spaced Out Radio was a culmination of personal experiences that he could not find the answers to satisfy what was happening to him. Dave’s personal quest into the unknown started in December of 2011, when he had contact from what he calls The Angel of Death, that he saw in his mother’s eyes, which led to his first channeling experience. After this incident, Dave’s personal experiences started becoming more frequent. Paranormal experiences. Premonitions started coming true. A Big Foot sighting with two of the creatures within 100 feet of him. UFOs started appearing anytime he wanted, even though Dave had no idea what “summoning” was. And personal sightings of five extraterrestrials.

Dave’s 10-years as a journalist helped him craft his style of interview. He looks at himself as one of the only trained and experienced radio journalists, who is also an multiple experiencer of the unknown. This has proven to be very popular with his guests and listeners alike, as it brings a fresh and enlightening approach to the interviews.

Dave helped establish Spaced Out Radio in October of 2014, and took the show to air on November 30th, 2014, with Alfred Lambremont Weber, as his first guest. Since then, some of the biggest names in the fields of Supernatural, Paranormal, Cryptozoological and Ufological have appeared on Spaced Out Radio. As the experience of Spaced Out Radio has increased, Dave has changed as well. Shifting the focus of SOR back to the experiencer and the experiences people are having.

The topics are fun and interesting. Dave’s motto is, “We believe everyone. Everyone has a story, and we have not stood in their shoes. So who are we to say they, or their opinion is wrong?”


Spaced Out Radio